How Do You Get Rid of a Cough Fast?

How Do You Get Rid of a Cough Fast

Coughing Can Drive You Crazy – Here’s How to Knock It Out Fast

When there is nonstop coughing, one question is circulating in your mind i.e.: How Do You Get Rid of a Cough Fast? If you’ve ever had a cough that just won’t quit, you know how maddening it can be. Coughing is one of those annoying symptoms that can disrupt your entire day, costing you sleep and leaving you feeling absolutely drained. Sometimes it starts as a tickle, but you’re hacking away uncontrollably before you know it. Finding relief becomes your top priority.

The first step is identifying whether you’re dealing with a dry, tickling cough or one that’s productive, bringing up phlegm and mucus from your airways and lungs. A dry cough feels scratchy in your throat, almost like you inhaled something irritating. With a wet cough, you can literally feel the mucus rattling around before expelling it.

Home Remedies Bring Quick Cough Comfort

If it’s just a minor, garden-variety cough, there are plenty of simple, all-natural home remedies that can provide fast relief:

Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty of fluids is key for thinning out mucus so it’s easier to cough up and clear irritants from your throat. Opt for warm liquids like herbal tea, broth-based soups, or just plain water. The warmth has a soothing effect.

Try herbal teas with botanical add-ins – Certain herbs can be amazingly effective cough soothers. Look for teas with ingredients like honey, lemon, ginger, marshmallow root and peppermint. The honey can coat and calm an irritated throat, while the other herbs contain mild numbing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Do steam inhalation treatments – Moisture is a cough’s worst enemy! Using a humidifier, or just breathing in steamy air from a hot shower, can temporarily loosen mucus and reduce that uncontrollable urge to cough.

When you need more than just home remedies – For a more severe or persistent cough, it’s time to move on to some over-the-counter medication options you can find at any drugstore:

Cough suppressants – These contain dextromethorphan or other ingredients to help stop the cough reflex for a dry cough.

Expectorants – Medicines with guaifenesin work as an expectorant, thinning out mucus so you can more productively cough it up from your airways if you have a wet cough.

Lozenges or sprays – Numbing lozenges and cough sprays can temporarily overpower that tickling sensation and urge to cough by mildly numbing the back of your throat.

But there are times when coughing warrants more than just home cough remedies and OTC medicines. Prolonged bouts of severe, uncontrolled coughing could be signs of an underlying condition that needs proper medical treatment. You should see your doctor if:

  • Your cough has lingered for more than 3 weeks
  • You have a fever, chest pains or shortness of breath along with the cough
  • You cough up discolored, bloody or foul-smelling mucus
  • The cough is keeping you from getting sufficient sleep

Don’t just grin and bear it if a cough is making you miserable! While temporary coughs are usually no cause for concern, a cough that persists can disrupt your life and be a sign of something more serious. Use these tips to find fast cough relief at home. But also keep an eye out for any worsening symptoms that mean you need to get clinical care.

See, dealing with coughing doesn’t have to be a losing battle. From simple hydration to advanced prescription medications when warranted, there are many ways to get your uncontrollable coughing under control. Don’t suffer unnecessarily – regain your voice and breathing comfort!

FAQs about how do you get rid of a cough fast?

  1. What can I drink to get rid of a cough?
    • Warm herbal teas with honey are soothing and effective for cough relief.
  2. Is it better to suppress or let a cough out?
    • It depends on the cough type; suppress dry coughs and expectorate wet coughs.
  3. Can steam inhalation cure a cough overnight?
    • Steam inhalation can provide immediate relief, but curing a cough quickly depends on its cause.
  4. How can I stop a coughing fit?
    • Stay calm, drink warm water, and use a cough drop to soothe the throat temporarily.
  5. Are there any quick fixes for a nighttime cough?
    • Elevating your head, using a humidifier, and having a spoonful of honey before bedtime can help.

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